7 Apps That Teach You How to Play Guitar

Is learning to play guitar something that has been on your bucket list for as long as you can remember? Maybe you’ve even bought yourself a shiny, new beginner’s acoustic guitar and just haven’t figured out how to get started yet. Well, you don’t need to own a guitar to learn how to play one. As a matter of fact, you can become a master guitarist by downloading some incredible apps that teach you how to play guitar straight in to your smartphone and start guitar lessons right away.

While there are many apps available that can help you learn to play the guitar, getting the right app that serves your needs can be a daunting task. This complication of 7 apps that teach you how to play guitar is meant to make sure you have a relatively easier time selecting an app that fits you best. Check them out below so that you can get ready to cross this new hobby off your bucket list!

Top 7 Apps For Learning To Play Guitar

1. GuitarToolkit

To set you on the right track to become a reputable guitarist, the GuitarToolkit iOS app for iPhone and iPad comes with a tuner, a user friendly and extensive chord chart, a metronome that resembles a drum machine among other features. It can modified for a seven and twelve string instruments, basses, mandolin, banjos and many more making it an all inclusive app for the basics of metal, country jazz and many other genres of music.

2. TabToolKit

The TabToolKit iOS app for iPhone and iPad lets its users upload and download tab files before transposing them to any key that best suits their performance. This ingeniously designed app offers playback for full scores and a step by step guide on instruments, a feature that is very imperative when learning fretboard placement. You certainly can’t go wrong with this app

3. Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Mastering how to play guitar tabs is a very crucial part of learning, thus laying your hands on each and every Ultimate Guitar’s more than 600,000 tabs becomes very sensible. This app can even play music on the site’s 150,000 plus Tab Pro complete with loop, tempo control, tuner, metronomes and a chord library. Get the Ultimate Guitar Tabs app for your cell phone or tablet (Android and iOS compatible).

4. Guitar Solo Lite

Not only does this app teach you how to play guitar but serves as a guitar stimulator as well. It’s the ideal app for beginners and comes with a massive chord library for the user to peruse, learn and choose from. There’s a matching diagram for every chord showing how it’s played on the real guitar and how to add it on the virtual guitar. The user can add any missing cord to the library by showing the app its exact fingering. The Guitar Solo Lite app is for the Android operating system.

5. The Robotic Guitarist

If you want to jam your smartphone without the real guitar, then the Robotic Guitarist for Android is what you need. It lets you select chords out of the large library and play them on your device. You can learn fingerings from the app and take a listen to each single string by itself as well. A metronome and a tuner which can be used for playing any instruments are some of additional features that come with this app.

6. The Chordinator

If you’ve mastered the chords and want to put them into use, the Chordinator for Android lets you do exactly that. It’s meant for guitar owners who want to find songs to play on the go. The app is easy to use. All you need to do is conduct a search for a song or artist and follow the Google link the apps finds for you. Proceed to tap the link and the app saves chords files in your device automatically. You can then browse the files, open the songs, view the cords and play.

7. Learn Guitar Chords

Ideal for beginners and the absolute app for learning absolute basics, the Learn Guitar Chords app for Android will take you step by step through fingerings of various chords, from the basic to some more sophisticated chords. It shows you precisely which finger should be placed where, strings to play for various chords not to mention you can ideally play the virtual guitar to hear what each chord sounds like.

Bonus: ChordBank for iOS This app is similar to Learn Guitar Chords for Android, except for iPhones and iPads. And, it’s free!

There are many apps that teach you how to play guitar. You can set your wheels rolling with any of these apps and within no time you’ll perfect your skills.