7 Apps That Teach You How to Play Piano

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano and for some reason or another you can never find the time to attend some piano classes? Well, thanks to the many advances in technology, you can learn how to run your fingers over the piano’s virtual keys, learn notes and scales and have some fun while you’re at it through a number of piano apps on your smart phone or tablet.

The best apps come with supplementary instruments and exceptional features that let you do more than just play the classic piano.

Below is a comprehensive look at 7 apps that teach you how to play piano and what to expect with each of one of them. Pair them with a good beginner electronic keyboard and you’ll be making your own music in no time!

Top 7 Apps For Learning To Play Piano

1. XPiano

Will outstanding features including two sample songs and twelve sound effects, the XPiano teaches you the basics of piano notes. The default piano instrument comes with four octaves and allows you to record your own samples using and in-built recorder and sampler. This is the ideal app for beginners and music enthusiasts alike. You can get this app for Android devices.

2. My Piano

One of the most comprehensive apps My Piano comes with outstanding sound quality which is very paramount when you’re learning how to play a piano. Apart from an integrated recorder that lets you record your own voice over instruments, other features include MIDI over Wi-Fi, MIDI volume control, not to mention note after touch and velocity. This app will certainly come in handy for beginners and advanced users. This app is for Android devices.

3. Pianist Pro

This is an interactive music sheet that has full recording and overdub features. Other features include live MIDI Mobilizer interface, standard MIDI file import and sixteen proficiently recorded instruments. The built in effects, arpeggiator and drum machine provide high quality sound whether you’re using external, built in speakers or headphones. The Pianist Pro app is for iOS devices.

4. My Piano Assistant

My Piano Assistant has an interactive piano lesson book, making it one of the best apps that teach you how to play piano. It provides you with information about piano cords and scales in addition to giving the right notes and showing their position on the virtual piano keyboard. Users can play the selected piano chord as well. This app makes learning piano simple, and it is the perfect app for beginners eager to learn the basics of piano notes, chords and scales. This app is for Android devices.

5. Little Piano

With thirteen keys and one octave, this is the ideal app that will greatly help you become skilled at running your fingers over keys and know simple notes and chords. Little Piano can support multi touch if you’re using it on your mobile phone and is equipped with an interactive guide. If you’re seeking for an app that will help your learn indispensable piano notes, you may consider trying out the Little Piano. This app is for Android devices.

6. 50in1 Piano HD

Featuring a photo-realistic 85- key keyboard, an instantaneous positioning and resizing gestures, this app is great for beginners and seasoned players. The 50in1 Piano HD app has one hundred in-built drum beats and eighteen sample songs meant to guide learners on how play fundamental piano notes and scales. It comes with a recording microphone as well, meaning you can record your own compositions as you seek to hone your skills. This app is for iOS devices.

7. Piano Instructor Lite

You can learn how to play virtually any song on the piano without a music sheet with the Piano Instructor Lite. It comes with light up keys to guide users allowing them load any song file and play their favorite songs. The light up synthesizer keyboard is relatively easy to play and provides a step by step guide to play and practice notes. You can customize tempo and position controls as you desire and practice particular sections making this app great for beginners. This app is for Android devices.

Learning how to play a piano can be fun and exciting. These apps provide a great launch pad in your endeavor to learn and polish your piano playing skills.