Average Recording Studio Rates in USA

Recording studio rates in the United States have changed for musicians and singers considerably in the last decade. This is primarily due to the availability of reasonably priced home recording systems that has given upcoming musicians the opportunity get started in the music industry by learning and crafting these skills on their own. Secondly there has been an influx in the number of students graduating with certificates from Recording Arts and Sciences programs, which is flooding the market with engineers who are eager to start music recording careers and effectively lowering average recording studio rates in USA due to sheer number of available recording techs.

The amounts charged by studios to record a song depends on the kind of music you want to record. For instance, recording an orchestra would be more expensive compared to recording vocals. The rates also vary depending on whether you would want mixing and mastering done on your album for you at the studio if you have someone else to do it at a cheaper cost. What you want to record, how long you expect to be recording and the number of extras you want out of your studio time ultimately determines how much you pay to have your song or album recorded.

Average recording rates in the United States can be as little as $40 per hour or as high as $3,000 an hour. You’re likely to pay between $40 and $60 an hour in an average studio in California for instance. Some recording studios in San Jose charge $80 to $150 an hour while in West Virginia you can have your song recorded for as low $50 an hour. This shows that rates differ depending on your location and the same scenario is replicated across the country. Rates also vary depending on if you are using a top of the line professional recording studio or one that is a home studio that the owner rents out.

It’s important to note that these are the rates for very essential services including recording vocals or just a few instruments. Basically the vocals or particular instruments tracks are placed on the CD and you may have to hire someone else do the mixing and mastering for you. Try as much as you can to work with a repeatable recording studio that offers quality and professionalism. Or, take some time to learn the skills on your own and set up your own home recording studio. While it will take a lot of time and investment on your part, the end pay off of being able to record your music in your own home studio will pay off substantially in the long run.