The Best Battery Powered MP3 Player Reviewed

If you’re going to be spending several days away from power outlets, such as on a backpacking or camping trip, then an MP3 player that runs on batteries is a good thing to add to your gear. Normally, these little gadgets are very low in price and run on a single AAA battery, although a few models do use AA batteries instead.

Finding the devices that run on batteries can take a little time, which is why I’ve listed some of my favorite models for you below.

RCA 4GB MP3 Player with Flipout USB and Display

RCA 4GB MP3 Player with Flipout USB and DisplayWhat I really like about this model is that it reminds me of a USB thumb drive, which means that it easily fits in a pocket or small space in your pack. It even has a USB flip-out connection just like a flash drive.

This device is perfect for trips away as it has a 4GB memory, which lets you load around 1200 songs. That is plenty of tunes to get you through a long hike or camping trip. It even has a digital display that lets you know what track you’re listening to and how much battery life is left.

You get around 30 hours of runtime with the single AAA battery that is takes to power this RCA MP3 player. And you even get the first battery for free as it comes with the device!

Also included with your purchase is a set of earbud headphones for your listening.

Overall, this RCA battery powered MP3 player is easy to use, has a cheap, low price and works well.

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SODIAL(R) Blue 8GB LCD Mini MP3 WMA Player FM Radio USB Flash Drive

41oY4NR88jLIf you prefer a bit more space for your music and the ability to listen to the radio, then this SODIAL battery powered MP3 player is a good option for you. It also has the ability to be used as a USB storage device for any other files that you need to store on it, just know that this will reduce the space available for your music files.

For me, the best thing about this model is the increased storage space, which means more space for my tunes. You can actually put over 2,000 songs on this MP3 player, which is pretty great.

It also has a digital display, but unlike the RCA model listed above, this one is backlit so that you can see it in low light situations. This is perfect for people who plan on taking the device out camping.

This cheap battery powered MP3 player runs on a single AAA battery and has about the same runtime as the RCA listed above. Additionally, it also comes with a pair of earbuds for you to use.

The advantages that this model has over the RCA is that it has a cheaper price, more storage space, a backlit display and allows you to listen to the radio. This big disadvantage is that it is not made by a well known electronics brand like the model above.

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MECO USB 2.0 Flash Drive LCD MP3 Music Player With FM Radio Voice Recorder

51coZHdt4UL._SY300_Another good battery powered MP3 player is this model by MECO. It has the cheapest price of all these models and offers some pretty decent features for the money.

The first thing that you need to know about this one is that you have three different options when it comes to memory size. You can choose from:

  • 2GB
  • 4GB
  • 8GB

So, if you don’t need a lot of space, you can save even more money. Of course, the 8GB model is also a low priced option.

This battery powered MP3 player from MECO also comes in a few different colors, if that is important to you. Choose from black, red, silver, or blue.

As for features, you can also use this one as a USB storage device and listen to the radio. What is unique though is that it also functions as a voice recorder. This is good for people who want to take notes while out in the field and can’t stop to write them down.

The LCD display on this one is backlit and it comes with some earbuds. It also runs on a single AAA battery, which is not included. You get around 14 hours of runtime from a fully charged battery.

The advantages and disadvantages of this one are almost identical to the SODIAL model, with the voice recorder option being an additional advantage.

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