Are Battery Powered MP3 Players Worth The Money?

If you are shopping for a new MP3 player, then you may have noticed that there are a few models for sale that run on standard AAA batteries as opposed to lithium ion batteries. To help you determine if one of these models is a smart choice for you, let me go over some of the basics so that you can decide if this type of gadget offers a good value for your needs.

Design Keeps It Small

41ruac+33tL._SY300_Probably the most distinctive thing about MP3 players that run on regular batteries is the design. In almost all instances, they are very small and reminiscent of a USB thumb drive. This is great for people who want something that is small, however it can be problematic if you are the type of person who regularly misplaces small items.

Basic Features Only

With this type of MP3 player, you do not get many bells and whistles. When it comes to features, the standard list of things that you can expect include FM radio, simple LCD display, voice recorder and USB storage capabilities. This means that you do not have the ability to watch videos or take photos like you do with other types of MP3 players. This type of device is more focused on the basics.

Weight Is Not An Issue

Due to the small design, these things are very lightweight. That is what makes them so great for people who are camping or backpacking. They are also good to use when exercising as they do not weigh down your pocket like an iPod.

Cost Is Very Affordable

Unlike most MP3 players, those that are battery operated have a super low price. In fact, you can find many of them with cheap prices under $15! Sure, you have to pay for an AAA battery every 20 to 30 hours of listening, but it will take a lot of batteries to reach the price of an iPod.

Easy To Take Anywhere

Since you do not have to worry about being near a power outlet, you can take a battery powered MP3 player virtually anywhere. Going on a month-long camping and backpacking trip in Alaska? No problem, just add a pack of AAA batteries to your gear and you’ll be able to listen to tunes the whole time! Or, take an iPod and listen to tunes the first day or two only.

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