A Review of The Best Amplified Outdoor Speakers

If you want to turn your outdoor area into a rocking musical space, then buying some of the top powered outdoor speaker will help make that a reality. While there are a lot of different options when shopping for outdoor patio speakers, those that are amplified offer the best value for the money and deliver high quality sound at affordable prices. Before you do your own comparison shopping, check out some of my favorite outdoor speakers for your patio or deck.

Top Amplified Outdoor Speaker for iPod and iPad


The Russound AirGo Speaker System

If you’re anything like me, then most of your music collection is housed on your iPod or iPad. With that being the case, the best way to get the tunes from your Apple device to the party out on your patio is with a portable outdoor speaker that interfaces with the Apple AirPort Express.

The Russound AirGo Speaker System is the best device that I have found for that purpose. It is small enough to be portable while large enough to offer great sound quality. Of course, just because it is portable doesn’t mean that you have to move it around. In fact, it is designed to be weatherproof, though it is not quite as durable as those leave them outside and forget it type of options below.

Though this speaker has a retail price of $399, you can actually buy it online for more than 50% off! You won’t believe what a great deal you can get on it.

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This is perfect for cookouts, washing the car and doing a little yard work or gardening. And since it uses the AirPort Express, it also acts as a wi-fi hotspot, which means that you and your guests can stay connected while outside.

Good Value Pair of Amplified Outdoor Speakers

OSD Audio BTP-650 6.5-inch Bluetooth Speakers

The OSD Audio BTP-650 6.5-inch Bluetooth Speakers

For the budget conscious shopper who prefer to get a true stereo sound experience, buying a pair of speakers is a must. And while powered outdoor speakers are usually a bit higher in price, you can get a pretty decent deal when you buy the set of OSD Audio BTP-650 6.5-inch Bluetooth Speakers.

You can order these in either white or black and they have your typical speaker box style design. Their small size makes them easy to stash anywhere on your deck or patio. And the Bluetooth wireless capability keeps the outdoor area free of unsightly cables, wires and cords.

While the retail price of almost $300 is high, ordering these online gets you a low discount price that should be able to fit into any budget.

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These are easy to install and transmit a reasonable distance of around 150 feet. At this price point, you really get the best value for your money with these OSD speakers. If you want a quality pair of speakers that you can leave outside without worrying about them getting damaged, then this is a great choice for you.

Coolest Outdoor Amplified Speakers

If you want something a little outside the norm that is packed with features, then the Pyle PBTSN50 Sunblast 2-in-1 Portable Bluetooth Solar Power Speaker System is the right choice for you. The design is very quirky, almost like space suit helmet. And it has a great low price under $100.

Pyle PBTSN50 Sunblast 2-in-1 Portable Bluetooth Solar Power Speaker System

Pyle PBTSN50 Sunblast 2-in-1 Portable Bluetooth Solar Power Speaker System

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With this speaker system, you get built-in amplification without the need for any bulky power cord or batteries. This is all thanks to the small solar panel on the top – just leave it outside and the sun will charge the internal battery for you. Can’t get any easier than that!

My biggest complaint with this one, like the Russound model above, is that it is only a single speaker so you don’t get true stereo sound. However, the other features of this Pyle speaker far outweigh that. To give you an idea of what I mean, some of my favorite features on this speaker include:

  • built-in microphone for hands-free calling
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • lightweight build
  • high quality sound
  • ultra portability makes it great for camping and beach trips

While I think the solar charging is really cool, I was worried at first about using on overcast days. Fortunately, it comes with a USB cable that you can use for charging in such instances.

For something so small, this speaker really pumps out some great sound. Even the bass is surprisingly good for the compact package. Sure, you get better sound from a pair of speakers like the OSD model above, but there is no denying that you get a lot for your money with this Pyle solar-powered outdoor speaker.