My Top Pick: Best Headphones for Mountain Biking

Previously, I’ve given you my picks for the best headphones for cycling and running, but general exercise headphones are not the best choice for mountain biking. When you want to listen to music or podcasts while mountain biking, you need some sports headphones that can handle the bouncing of a mountain bike and stay put on your ears. This is especially important for those mountain bikers who listen to podcasts because if your headphones are bouncing up and down on your ears, then you’ll likely miss out on some of that audio.

Plus, you don’t want to have to crank up the volume while riding to levels that are loud enough to damage your ears. Normal conversations come in at anywhere between 40 decibels and 60 decibels. With headphones, you can easily pump the volume to over 110 decibels, which can really do some long term damage to your ears and your hearing. This is why it’s important to get a good fit from your sports headphones when mountain biking.

My Top Pick For Mountain Biking Headphones or Earbuds

best mountain biking headphonesIf you’ve read my picks for exercise headphones, then it should come as no surprise that these are my favorites when it comes to mountain biking headphones.

The Bose SIE2 Sport Headphones are PERFECT for a few hours of mountain biking. 

There are a lot of different sports headphones out there that claim to be great for activities like mountain biking, but the truth is that they just can’t competed against these sports earbuds by Bose.

They stay in your ears through all those bumps and bounces, even when you are sweating profusely. And since they have such a secure fit in your ear, you do not have to worry as much as damaging your hearing from too loud volume levels.

It is also worth point out that these Bose sports headphones are weather resistant and sweat resistant. So, if you get yourself caught out in the rain while mountain biking and wearing these, you still won’t have to worry about them coming out of your ears. Granted, I’ve never tried them in a torrential downpour, but my experience tells me that they’d be okay and I’d worry more about my phone getting wet than anything happening with these headphones.

And I mentioned in my write up on these in other article, a really cool feature is that they come with an arm band pouch. I’ve found that this is perfect for keeping the cords and stuff out of the way while I’m riding. Something wireless would be ideal, but these are definitely the best that I’ve found so I can accept that they’re not wireless.

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Up to date as of May 2014: If another great sports headphone is released, then I will try it out and update this article if I discover a better option out there. Otherwise, know that this is my top pick for mountain biking with headphones.