Best Studio Monitors Under $200 Reviewed

Best Studio Monitors Under $200

If you are looking to add a pair of studio monitors to your home recording studio setup, then you may already have realized how confusing and overwhelming the buying process can be for shoppers like you. What’s worse is that they prices can run from cheap studio monitors to very expensive studio monitors.

Since you might be on a budget, and likely do not really need the top of the line super expensive speakers, then why not get the best studio monitors for your budget? Since you normally need to buy these in a pair, you can end up buying either a set of the studio monitors or a pack of two.

With this article, we help you find the best studio monitors to meet your budget. We’ve selected our top picks out of the best rated studio monitors under $200. You will find mini-reviews of these products with information on their features, characteristics, and what you can expect from the speakers. You’ll be able to find the perfect cheap studio speakers for the small recording studio setup and home DJ setups.

JBL LSR2325P Two-Way 5″ Bi-Amplified Studio Monitor

JBL LSR2325P Two-Way 5

It has high frequency and low frequency trim controls, which allow adjustment of frequency response to preference, or to compensate for acoustically reflective or absorptive listening environments.

The only bad thing about this particular model is that when you buy it, you only get a single speaker. Sure, you can make do with just the one, but for optimal sound you really need two of them. So, that means that your total expenditure is just over $300 for two if these (unless you catch them on sale).

This model features a long-excursion 5″ woofer with high-flux motors for accurate, extended low frequency response to 43 Hz. PLus, there is the biamplified system 55 watt low frequency and 35 watt high frequency internal amplifiers provides for high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) in demanding production applications.

There is great functionality as you get high frequency and low frequency trim controls allow adjustment of frequency response to preference, or to compensate for acoustically reflective or absorptive listening environments.

Overall, I find this model to be the best studio monitor for the size and cost.

Alesis M1Active 520 USB Nearfield Studio Monitors

Alesis M1Active 520 USB Nearfield Studio Monitors

For the shopper on a budget, this Alesis set is the best value studio monitor set.

What you get for your money is a 60W system with 30W per speaker. They feature two-way, active, bi-amplified pair of reference studio-monitor loudspeakers for your audio setup. A really nice feature of these is that they feature USB Audio I/O.

This system has a quality five-inch lightweight polypropylene woofer and a one-inch silk-dome tweeter. The result has some surprisingly great sound quality. Overall, you get clear highs, rich mids, decent lows.

An important feature to take note of is that the speakers are magnetically shielded for placement near TV and computer monitors. This is great because you will not have to worry about any distortions.

And if you travel internationally with your studio monitors, this model has a switchable power supply so that you get problem-free worldwide operation.

M-Audio BX5 D2 5″ Active 2-Way Studio Monitor Speakers

M-Audio BX5 D2 5

Another great set of cheap studio monitors that fits a tight budget are these M-Audio BX5 D2 speakers. You really get a lot for your money with this studio monitor 2-speaker set.

With these, you can expert crystal clear sound without any low humming or hissing noise like some of the cheaper models offer.

The Custom Class A/B analog amplifiers deliver superior dynamics and tonal accuracy across the frequency spectrum-while the latest-generation woven Kevlar low-frequency drivers and waveguide-loaded silk dome tweeters provide rich, defined sound. This is truly stunning accuracy at such a low price.

In terms of juice, you get a bi-amplified recording studio monitor with 70 watts of distributed power. There is the 5-Inch low-frequency transducer with Kevlar cones for rich, defined lows. And the 1-Inch high-frequency drivers with natural silk domes and integrated waveguides for smooth, clear highs and a wide sweet spot. And, another great feature is rear porting for extended low-frequency response while reducing air turbulence.

Of course, a big benefit here is the magnetic shielding, which eliminates interference with other electronic equipment. This means you do not have to spend any extra cash on magnetizing your studio monitors. That is certainly a good thing for the budget.

You will love how versatile these are – balanced XLR and 1/4 inputs let you connect to a wide range of audio sources.

More Studio Monitors Under $200

If you are not sold on the three models listed above, you can easily find plenty of other cheap studio monitors under $200. To help you get started, I’ve linked to the available selection on Amazon, where can get them speakers at low prices with free shipping. Your budget can’t beat that!

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