Best Bluetooth Stereo Headphones For Running and Working Out Reviewed

best bluetooth stereo headphones for running and exerciseWhen I exercise, I prefer to have my own music or podcasts to listen to instead of being subjected to whatever terrible music happens to be on the overhead speakers in the gym – or worse, terrible shows on the television. Of course, when I am running outside, the indoor noise is not quite as much of a problem, but I still prefer listening to my own chosen sounds instead of those around me. And in order to do this, I need some type of headphones or ear buds set.

Previously, I gave my top picks for the best exercise earbuds, but you do not have to go with ear buds if they hurt your ears, you want better quality sound or you just prefer to wear headphones. When I am traveling, I am pretty much an exclusively ear buds user when exercising, but at home I often use a pair of bluetooth headphones or headset (I think they’re pretty much the same thing, so call them whatever you want). I tend to prefer the bluetooth headphones as I don’t like dealing with cords or ear buds falling out of place, but I can work with either.

If you’re shopping for a good pair of bluetooth stereo headphones for working out, then let me help you compare the best bluetooth headphones for exercise so that you’re shopping doesn’t take you quite as long. Below, you’ll find my favorites out of the all the recent models that I’ve tested out. If you are are rather looking for noise cancelling bluetooth headsets I recommend to read that article.

Top Picks for 2014: Best Bluetooth Headphones For Running and Exercise

When I was trying out bluetooth exercise headphones, I found a lot of duds. There were a few models where they seemed really great at first but broke after a few months (Beats by Dr Dre broke along the top band after 3 months!). So, the models that make up my list of the best models are the ones that actually offer high quality that is long lasting as well as premium sound quality.

Best Cheap Bluetooth Exercise Headphones – Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

best cheap bluetooth headphones for exerciseIf you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot on a new pair of bluetooth stereo headphones for working out, then the Motorola S305 is your best option.

Sure, there are cheaper options out there, but they also have terrible quality compared to this model by Motorola. It doesn’t do you much good to spend $15 on a cheaper set of headphones if they break in a month, right?

With the Motorola S305, you get high quality at a low price, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. Are they the best for the money? No, certainly not, but they are the cheapest that you can get if you do not want to compromise on quality.

These headphones have some good features for the money – music controls on the earphone, works with any Bluetooth stereo-capable device, lightweight over-the-ear headphone design, up to 6.5 hours of battery life. Overall, they are a good buy at under $40 online.

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Best Over-Ear Bluetooth Exercise Headphones – Avantree Jogger Pro Sweat-Proof Headphones

For me, I prefer the over-the-ear design as it really ensures that you are getting no outside noise to interfere with your music while working out. Of course, the problem that I usually have is all the sweating not only makes the headphones slip and uncomfortable to wear, but eventually damages them.

So, I tried out several different waterproof exercise headphones to find the perfect pair. The prices of the models that I tried out ranged from under $100 to over $300, but this pair by Avantee is the clear winner for me.

The Avantee Jogger Pro bluetooth stereo headphones were designed with runners, cyclists and other fitness enthusiasts in mind. The ear cups are sweat-proof so you don’t have to worry about any of those issues that I mentioned above.

You can order these in four different color choices, which is nice for showing a little of your personality. The sound quality that you get is great and they will work with any Bluetooth-enabled device. You can also use them to make phone calls.

The are lightweight and comfortable to wear, but the best feature is that the battery lasts up to 12 hours! That’s great if you take long runs or bike rides.

At an online price under $50, these are probably the best value sports bluetooth stereo headphones for the money.

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Best Earbud-Style Over-Ear Bluetooth Exercise Headphones – Plantronics BackBeat GO2 Headphones

best bluetooth stereo headphones for iphoneIf you prefer the fit of ear buds but the security of headphones, then this model by Plantronics is the perfect solution. You get the wrap-around band of a headphone set with ear buds instead of ear cups.

These headphones are also sweat-proof, which is great for running and cycling, as well as other forms of exercise.

I think that the Plantronics BackBeat GO2 is the best bluetooth stereo headphones for iPhone based on my experience.

You get a more secure fit than with regular ear buds but you don’t have to worry about getting all sweaty from ear cups either. It’s really the best of both worlds. Plus, these are more lightweight than the traditional headphone design.

They fit comfortably in your ears and offer battery life of up to 4.5 hours of use.

A cool thing about this model is that you can buy it with or without a charging case. Why would you want the case? Because it boosts the battery life so that you get up to 14.5 hours listen time! It is only about $20 more to get the case, with each model priced under $100 online.

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I think any of the choices above are perfect for a runner or other active person who is looking for good wireless workout headphones that offer high quality and superb sound. Plus, each of them comes in at a low price under $100 when you buy online.

Having both an iPhone and and Android phone, I tested each of the models above to ensure cross-platform compatibility. I wanted to know that I could easily change them out, as well as use them at other times, without any issues. With that in mind, each set of headphones listed above meets the qualifications for both best bluetooth stereo headphones for the iPhone as well as for Android. You’ll even notice that they have microphones so that you can use them to make calls as necessary.

If you’ve been uncertain as to which Bluetooth headphones are the best for your fitness needs, then I hope that my reviews have been able to help you narrow down the available options and make a smart choice. I know how frustrating it is to be out on a run a few miles from home and have your headphones or ear buds crap out and leave you without any music for the rest of your workout time.