Buying Guide: Shopping for Outdoor Speakers

If you spend a lot of time outside in the warmer months, then a high quality outdoor sound system might be just what you need to improve your patio dwelling experience. While portable speakers make it easy to move your audio gear from inside the house to outside of it, that is not the most practical setup. It also doesn’t give you the best available sound. Instead, consider adding some outdoor speakers to your home setup.

Why You Need Outdoor Speakers

Getting quality sound on your deck or other outside space can be rather challenging since there are usually not a lot of spaces for the sound to bounce off of when you’re playing music. Add in things like the neighbor banging on that old car in his garage, a barking dog walking past the yard and the honking of passing cars, and the quest for great sound seems even more unattainable. That’s where outdoor speakers come into play and save the day. You see, they are designed specifically for this type of non-ideal acoustic setting.

What To Expect From Outdoor Speakers

No matter what price point you are looking at, there are a few things that you can come to expect from a set of these. The sound quality is going to be better optimized for your outdoor space than any other type of speaker. The build is going to be more durable than standard speakers because they are designed to take a beating from all that nature will throw at them, including extreme temperatures.

Unlike the traditional versions, you get more than just the standard speaker box design with outdoor models. Many are made to blend into their surroundings, so they may look like a tree stump, a rock or other typical garden item.

Most speakers designed for outdoor use need a power source as they have no amplification built-in. However, there are some great amplified outdoor speakers you can buy that eliminate the extra power source requirement, which reduces your overall equipment needs.

The speakers can be wireless or wired. If you go with a wired model, then you must choose speaker wire and cables that are specifically designed for outdoor use.

How Many Speakers Are Necessary?

For most outdoor spaces, a single 100 watt speaker can offer a decent amount of sound because that level is good for about a 30 foot range. However, using just one will not give you the type of stereo sound that you are likely interested in achieving. For that, you need to have two of the speakers outside. You can typically find inexpensive pairs of outdoor speakers that deliver a good amount of sound for the space.