Can Babies Wear Headphones Like Adults?

toddler headphonesWhen I am traveling, I see a lot of families with little babies and toddlers wearing some of the baby hearing protection headphones that are great for keeping loud sounds away from those little ears. That type of noise cancelling headphone is safe to use as it is actually designed to protect delicate ear drums. However, there are also regular headphones designed to fit the smaller ears and heads of babies.

I was at an airport last week and saw a toddler using an iPad. At first I wondered if the parents had him listening to music as they were planning on getting him a beginner’s keyboard ASAP with hopes of him being a savant pianist. Upon getting closer, I saw that the little guy was actually using the iPad to watch a cartoon while wearing headphones. And this got me to thinking – how safe are headphones for babies? (specifically the ones designed to bring sounds to their ears and not to block the noise from them). So, here’s what I have discovered.

When Are Babies and Toddlers Using Headphones?

Thanks to the popularity of tablets, like the iPad, and devices like the Baby Einstein gadgets, there are plenty of electronic items out there where parents can stick one of these things in the hands of the little one and let him or her be entertained. Parents are also using them if they have an entertainment system in their vehicle. If you check out some of the apps in the iTunes App Store, then you will see that there are tons of games and apps aimed at this young market. Many parents seem to think that utilizing these things will help stimulate the little one’s brain, and everyone wants their kids to be smart.

So, the end result is a lot of media targeted at wee little ones. Add in some parents who do not want to have to listen to the constant sound of these devices and you have babies and toddlers wearing headphones. By and large, these headphones are designed pretty much in the same way that headphones for adults are designed. The audio quality is supposed to be quite high so that crisp, rich sounds are delivered. But – should parents be letting kids so young wear headphones?

Are Headphones for Babies and Toddlers Safe?

As adults, we all know that wearing headphones with the volume control set to a position that is too loud can result in some damage to our hearing. And the longer we maintain those conditions, the greater the possibility for damage. As you may suspect, the same is also true for babies and toddlers.

Bottom line – it’s all about volume control.

Baby headphones (and toddler headphones) are safe as long as you take steps to ensure that they volume is not too loud. Because if it is too loud, then it can definitely cause damage to hearing. The interesting thing is that many models of headphones for toddlers and babies come with a volume limiting capability so that parents can restrict the loudness level. This is great because it prevent those little hands and fingers from cranking up the sound to levels that are not safe.

Buying Baby & Toddler Headphones That Are Safe

best toddler headphonesIf you are considering getting a pair of these for your little one, then I cannot caution you enough to make certain that you only buy a pair with a parental volume control. It’s no secret that kids like to play with things, and a volume knob is just another thing that they will want to play with. The last thing you want is to find your child listening to the volume at an ear-shattering level.

After checking out the available selections, you should know that there are some super cheap models out there for sale that do NOT have a parental volume control. Please avoid these unless you wish for your child to experience some hearing problems in the very near future.

Instead, check out the Kidz Gear brand. Based on my comparison shopping, they offer the best kids headphone for the money. And, you can buy them in a few different colors so that your child’s personality will show while wearing them. When you shop online on Amazon, you can get these at a low price of around $20. That’s a good price since these headphones will last your kid until around 5 years old or 6 years old, depending on how fast he or she grows.

kidz gear headphones

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