Essentials For A Home Recording Studio For Podcasting

Setting up a home recording studio to do your podcasting or vlogging does not have to be a big deal or even a huge financial cost. Sure, you can outfit your little home studio with the finest equipment and top of the line soundproofing materials, but you do not have to get started that way. In fact, you might discover that doing a bare bones home recording studio is all you really need for a high quality podcast, vlog or YouTube channel. So, if you’re looking to setup a basic home recording studio cheap to do your podcasts, then hear me out for a moment.

A long time ago, before everyone and their mother was considering putting together their own podcast or YouTube channel I really started looking into the ins and outs of the process. I experimented with basic recordings making a few videos and podcast episodes. I even published a few of the podcasts on a feed which is now defunct. Along the way I learned a thing or two about the process and I quickly realized that there are diminishing returns in getting the latest and greatest equipment possible… but only after a certain point.

Tips On Getting Started With Your Home Podcast & Video Recording Studio

To start out there is a huge benefit to getting a few basic pieces into your studio. Yes, you probably could just talk right into your smart phone and record audio and/or video but having basic dedicated recording equipment can give you much better quality output. You may not need all the high end equipment just yet but there are a few things that even beginners shouldn’t be without.

No matter if you are doing video or audio you need to have good sound. To achieve good sound a basic lapel mic hooked up to a stand-alone digital voice recorder is a must.

Ever watch a YouTube video and not be able to hear it? Yeah, you clicked away didn’t you?

Get a mic and sound recorder and make sure there’s no background noise during production.

If you are doing video then you need basic lighting. You can achieve this by strategically placing household lamps around you or by getting a small, affordable three studio light system. These needn’t be high end in the beginning but without good lighting around you there will be shadows behind you, any bright lights behind you can and will make your face look dark, and your video is going to look lifelike at all – it will be far less interesting to look at.

You shouldn’t ever be shooting these days with low resolution camera’s either. If you can’t shoot in HD then it’s hardly worth putting anything online. The world wants high def so make sure you have a high def video camera that is stable and set upon a tripod. Again, these things don’t have to cost an arm and a leg either.

For the ultra price sensitive you can still pickup old HD cameras from 2008 that still work well, often for just a little more than the cost of lunch. Cell phones that capture video in high def may be viable options but they can be difficult to shoot with on tripods. Experiment with yours and see if you would watch video on it before you start using yours routinely for filming.

Lastly, the very basics of producing excellent content (in both video and audio form) can be found in your pre-installed editing suite. Think you need a professional version of Adobe Premier? Nope, for beginners basic free programs can and usually will work just fine for the vast majority of home studios.

Always think about the perspective of the consumer. When watching a video you want the shot to be steady, the lighting to be bright, and the sound to be clearly audible, the picture to be crisp. With podcasts and other forms of sound recordings the sound should be clear and in balance. No background noise should be present as it only distracts.

Mics, lights, and tripods are typically the most useful first-item investments you can make into your home studio. You can pay through the nose for any of these things but remember bargain accessories such as these are going to be way better than using none of these at all. Choose only what you can afford but by all means use these items from day one.