What to Look for in a Bluetooth Headset for Truck Drivers

truck driverAs a truck driver, you spend a lot of time in that cramped cab with little opportunity for socializing or other human interaction. And if you’re like most truckers, then you spend a fair amount of time on your cell phone talking with loved ones back at home. But that truck cab is not the best place to make a phone call considering how noisy those big rigs are when you’re out on the road. With that in mind, not just any Bluetooth earbud or headset for truckers will do. In fact, there are a few things to look for when shopping for a headset to use with your cell phone as a truck driver. Finding one that meets these requirements is the difference in having clear phone calls and having lots of distracting background noise mucking up your calls. Whether you are shopping for yourself or someone else, use the guidelines below to select the perfect Bluetooth headset for truckers.

Noise-Cancelling Headsets For Truckers Are A Necessity

Let’s face it, truck cabs are noisy places, even on the best of days. And if you like to ride with the windows down, then you have even more noise to deal with due to the wind noise. Have you ever tried to make a phone call in such an environment? It’s practically impossible because you can’t hear the other person very well, nor them you, but the wind noise sound is loud and clear on the phone. This sets up the perfect formula for lots of frustration, which is why it is so important to get a good trucker headset with noise cancelling features.

Durability Is Important

If you’re like me, then cell phone gadgets usually get tossed on the dash or the passenger seat. That makes choosing a durable headset a priority. You certainly don’t want to spend the money on something that will easily brake if you toss it on the dash too many times. This means avoid flimsy models and go with something that has some strong plastic on the exterior.

truck driver headsetWireless Headsets Are Best for Truck Drivers

If you check out the available trucker Bluetooth headset options, then you’ll notice two distinct styles available ñ wireless and wired. While it might be tempting to choose a wired model due to the slightly lower price, this is not the best idea. In most cases, the cost difference is not a lot but the convenience factor is high!

Imagine this scenario ñ you’re a trucker approaching Dallas right around rush hour, which also just happens to be when you’re hungry. So, you’re talking on the phone with your honey, sipping a coffee from your last stop at the Pilot station and sneaking bites of a hot dog. Your hands have a lot going on right now, especially when you factor in shifting gears. You round into the city; the traffic is at a standstill and you need to brake and shift FAST ñ but, your hand gets tangled in that blasted cord from the wired headset that you just had to save money on. Best case scenario is you spill some hot coffee on your leg and drop the hot dog onto the floor. RIP meaty goodness. Worst case is you get into an accident. Moral of the story ñ save the hot dog by spending a few more coins on the wireless option.

It Should Be A Comfortable Fit

Since you’ll likely be wearing this headset for long periods, it is important that you select a model that offers comfort. This includes the weight of the headset, the stability of it and if it’s easy to wear or causes pain after a short period. Definitely avoid anything with the earbud design as wearing those in your ears will lead to pain in no time. Instead, look for one with an ear cup that does not fit so tight that it causes pain, but is a close enough fit that no outside noise reaches your ear.

In terms of stability and weight, the best option is something that doesn’t feel like it will fall off your head if you need to slam on the brakes, but doesn’t weigh a ton to achieve that stability. You definitely want a lightweight headset, otherwise you will experience some pain after a few hours of supporting the heavy device.

Long Talk Time

With long stretched spent on the road, you need a headset that will last for most, if not all, of that ride each day. Skip the cheap models that only last for a few hours and look for a trucker Bluetooth headset that gives you at least 12 hours of talk time.

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