Finding The Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

motorcycle bluetoth headsetWhen you’re out enjoying the freedom of the open road on you motorcycle, you don’t have to fall completely off the grid. In fact, there’s a whole range of Bluetooth headsets for your motorcycle helmet that make it easy to stay connected with loved ones while out on a ride. If you’ve done any browsing of these headsets, then you’ve likely already noticed that there are tons of brands and models to choose from. When comparing the features and options, some things that you may want to consider include:

  • cost
  • ease of control
  • ability to pair with other headsets
  • quality of sound
  • compatibility with full-face helmets
  • water-resistant capability

After checking out the available motorcycling headsets for sale, I was able to pick one that excels in each of the categories above, as well as others that I didn’t realize were important to me until I started the shopping process. Based on my research, to get the best possible value for your money, I suggest that you budget for around $100 to spend on your purchase. And if you go with my top pick below, you will come in just slightly below your budget as my favorite headset just happens to have a great price online.

My Top Pick For Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

For a great Bluetooth headset for motorcycling, I suggest that you consider the Sena SMH5-02 model. This Bluetooth headset is a full-face helmet compatible kit and it is good for both motorcycles and scooters.

When I was looking for the best Bluetooth headset for motorcycling, I was paying close attention to the price as I needed something that is budget-friendly without compromising on quality. I’m happy to say that the Sena SMH5-02 delivers both of those things. In fact, if you buy online, then you can get it for a great price under $100.

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One of the nice features of the Sena SMH5-02 motorcycle Bluetooth headset is that you can buy just the one or a set of two. And here’s the really great thing ñ you can multi-pair it with a total of up to four other headsets. This is PERFECT for taking a road trip or long ride with a group of friends. It lets you all keep in contact with each other so that you don’t have to pull over to stop to talk. The helmet-to-helmet range is around 430 yards.

Another really nice feature is that it is compatible with most motorcycle GPS units, which means that you can get the navigation directions patched directly to the headset.

Controlling the volume and such while riding is very easy and does not cause any distractions while riding. And sound quality is superb for both incoming and outgoing calls.


The Sena SMH5-02 motorcycle Bluetooth headset

You can use the Sena SMH5-02 with pretty much any helmet and it is super easy to install. And if you get caught out in the rain, then you don’t need to worry about any damage as the Sena SMH5-02 model is water resistant.

This model is also good for bikers who go on long rides as the battery life is excellent. On a full-charge, you can easily get 12 hours of use. It’s also worth noting that you can use it to stream music from Pandora or a similar service. And, it works with the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phones and pretty much any other smartphone.

Before you make the mistake of spending too much money on a Bluetooth motorcycle headset, seriously consider the Sena SMH5-02. With it, you get lots of great features, good quality and a low price, which is what makes it my favorite choice.

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