Noise Cancelling App – Mac iOS Comparisons

Noise Cancelling App Mac iOS

Whether you want an noise cancelling app for your MacBook computer or your iPhone or iPad, you can find a lot of different options in the iTunes store. There are a lot of free ones to look through, as well as paid options.

Since I take my MacBook with me when traveling, I have a need for a noise cancelling app for my Apple computer. And my girlfriend uses an iPhone, which mean that she needs one for her phone.

I took some time to download a few different apps and take them for a test drive. I tend to prefer sticking with free apps for most things since you can normally find something to meet your needs if you do a little searching. Fortunately for you, I have already done the searching so that you do not have to look on your own!

Comparison of Noise Cancelling Apps for Apple iOS

1. SoundCurtain

While this one did not have great reviews, I gave it a try because Forbes magazine apparently named it the “Best App for Creating Quiet Workspaces” at some point. For me, it wasn’t really a great purchase, especially at $4.99. I think it could have worked better, especially for the price.

Conclusion: Not really a great option, especially at $4.99.

2. Sleep Pillow

I really like this noise cancelling app, which is also great for sleep when you’re in a noisy hotel room. I love that it is free and that the sound choices are really good for noise reduction. However, I do wish that you could overlap some of the sounds. Also, the sounds are kind of short, so you hear that loop noise more often than I would like to hear it.

Conclusion: Great free choice for your Apple computer.

3. ChatterBlocker

This is actually my favorite of the apps, even though it is not free. You can use this on your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac computer. Pricing starts at $2.99 for your mobile device. It works by playing you the soothing sounds of your choice to reduce the amount of outside noise that you hear. It works quite well, even if you are just trying to read in a room where there is a television playing something. I love this as a MacBook noise cancelling app.

Conclusion: Great app that works on computers and mobile devices, but is not free.

4. Coffitivity

While not necessarily a noise cancelling app, this one definitely works for noise reduction. I actually use it on my MacBook and I know that my girlfriend sometimes uses it on both her iMac and her iPhone. It seems to work quite well as you tune out the noises outside due to the hum of the coffee shop sounds being piped into your ears.

Conclusion: Great free choice if you like coffee shop sounds.

image credit: by osde8info