What is the smallest bluetooth earpiece?

As cell phones continue to get smaller in size, so do the Bluetooth earpieces that you can buy to use with them. Personally, I am a big fan of using Bluetooth headsets and such with all of my gadgets. For me, the smaller the better since I don’t like keeping up with large headsets. Plus, no one wants to be that guy walking around with the huge Bluetooth earpiece looking like he thinks that he’s real important. If you are like me, then you also gravitate toward the smaller models. Recently, I decided to upgrade my current gear and shop around for the smallest earpiece Bluetooth capable.

DBPOWER Mini White Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earpiece Review

There are actually a few different brands who each make a Bluetooth earpiece that takes the take of the smallest one available to consumers. The design of each is practically identical, but what differs is the quality. Of each brand that I tested, there was only one that was actually a good value for the money and that is the DBPOWER Mini wireless stereo Bluetooth earpiece. What I love about it is that not only is this thing super small and discreet, but it also has a pretty effective noise cancelling and noise reduction feature that I wasn’t expecting. It will also work with pretty much any device that is Bluetooth enabled. However, syncing it to your device can be a little tricky. I didn’t get it done properly the first time I tried. To get it to sync, you have to set your device to search for a Bluetooth gadget and then pair it up from there. Once I did that though, it was a breeze. Another nice perk is that you get stereo sound with this earpiece. This was really surprising since the retail price on the DBPOWER Mini Bluetooth earpiece is so cheap! I know that I’ve spent a lot more on other Bluetooth devices to get stereo sound in the past. Comfort is usually an issue for me whenever I try out any new earbud or earpiece, so I was really concerned about that. Turns out that I was worrying for nothing as this little Bluetooth earpiece fits comfortably in my ear. In fact, I leave it in to stream music while I’m at work. This thing is so small and discreet that I can do it without my boss even noticing, which is great for me and my boring work day.

smallest bluetooth earpieceDBPOWER Mini White Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earpiece Specs

If you’re doing some comparison shopping of the smallest Bluetooth earpieces for iPhone or other smartphones, then check out these top features at a glance:

  • size in inches: 7.7 x 3.5 x 1.4
  • echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • works with any device that supports Bluetooth
  • talk time on full battery charge: around 3 hours
  • standby time on full battery charge: around 120 hours
  • comes with an earhook
  • low price perfect for any budget (click here to see current sale price)

As you can see this smallest Bluetooth earpiece offers a lot of features for such a tiny package. And when you factor in the low price (which is often discounted at a cheap sale price when you buy online), you end up with a discreet Bluetooth earpiece for your Android or iPhone at a great value for the money. If you are interested in noise cancelling bluetooth headsets, I advice you to read that review on this site.