Tips On Soundproofing Your Apartment or Bedroom

When you live on a busy street or have loud neighbors, then soundproofing your bedroom and the rest of your home becomes a necessity. One of my first apartments was on 34th Street in Manhattan just one block from the popular tourist attraction the Empire State Building. Not only was their constant traffic driving up and down the street, but the street was also full of crowds on a regular basis. Soundproofing that apartment not only helped me sleep better, but kept out all the outside street noise. And, when I paired it with some good noise cancelling earplugs for sleeping, I was getting much better sleep at night.

Whether you live in a house with loud neighbors next door or loud sounds from a busy street, taking steps to soundproof your home, especially your bedroom, can help you keep your sanity.

Reducing the amount of outside noise that you hear can be a fairly simple process. Of course, the steps that you can take to for noise reduction in your home or apartment really depend on if you own the home or if you have a landlord.

Owning the home offers you the most ability for proper noise reduction. As a home or apartment owner, you can replace single pane windows with thicker soundproof windows. Likewise, you can install soundproof doors in place of thinner doors. You can even take it a step further with soundproofing drywall, a soundproofing ceiling and soundproofing walls.

Home Soundproofing Tips for Everyone

Of course, not everyone had the ability to completely modify their living space with such upgrades. With that in mind, check out some of my top tips for turning your loud, noisy apartment or house into a soundproofed home.

  • Move bookcases and tall furniture to outside walls to muffle incoming sounds.
  • Add noise cancelling curtains to your windows
  • Use two curtain rods for a double set of curtains over the windows
  • Place some soundproofing foam insulation in your windows
  • Repaint walls with Acousti-Coat sound reducing paint
  • Place some non-permanent soundproof paneling on outside facing walls
  • Cover non-carpeted floors with area rugs to reduce reverb

If you have implemented those tips and are still hearing too much noise, especially when you sleep, then check out these additional methods of noise reduction for sleeping:

The popular home show “Holmes on Homes” has covered home soundproofing issues in past episodes. Check out the video below to see what happened when a couple who bought a townhouse were experiencing soundproofing issues with the home.

As you can see, this is a common issue experienced by lots of people who both own and rent their homes. And while you will become accustomed to some of the noise over time, you can use the tips listed up above to start reducing some of the sounds that you are hearing right now. And you should definitely start getting a better night’s sleep.